Indefinitely Combined with the Annual Freedom Fest

We appreciate your interest in joining us at Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds for this event, however, due to the lack of community support the coordinators have decided to indefinitely merge this festival with the Annual Freedom Festival.

Early Bird Tickets for the Freedom Fest are limited and currently on sale for May 2025. There will ne no extensions on the massively discounted rate so be sure to purchase them as soon as possible! $20 for the whole weekend will NOT last long.

  • The Land is Beautiful!

    "This location is definitely the best place you'd want to go if you are trying to run away from the city for a little bit or even forever!"

  • Reconnect with the Land!

    "The land is breathtaking, the guided hiking tours were out of this world, and the opportunity to reconnect with land as BIPOC is HUGE!"

  • Amazing Place!

    "The owners were so welcoming and created an atmosphere that made us feel comfortable and safe. They’re extremely knowledgeable of the environment and wildlife!"

More About the Venue!

The Mujeres Valley Campground & Fairground is a venue that is in the process of being developed into a sustainable resort-style space. There are currently no water, electrical hookups, or trash services but they do allow generators and provide heated solar showers and temporary portable bathrooms during scheduled events.

This is a "pack in, pack out venue" meaning that you do not leave trash, tents, or waste at the venue. This helps us keep expenses down and allows us to continue using the venue at the rates we currently offer. Due to how far the venue is from any trash service companies we ask that everyone arrive with their own trash bags and in vehicles with sufficient space to transport trash back with you.

The venue does recognize the sacredness of the land and because of that we ask that no rocks, wood, pottery, crystals, etc. be removed from the space. To learn more about the owners, the mission and vision of the space and how to collaborate hit the link below.