On this page you can find a list of the speakers and educators that will be hosting free sessions during the Forest Fiesta at Mujeres Valley!

Speakers & Educators Welcome!

The Forest Fiesta is proudly opening its doors to all different types of speakers & educators!

These spaces for this event are FREE but they are also LIMITED so don't wait to submit your application!

Plus you get over $20,000 worth of perks before you ever step foot on the venue!

  • MHE Black

    Tune back in for more information about his session.

  • China Shante Brown-Perez

    China Shante is a native of Connecticut and the first person to ever spend longer than 2 weeks at Mujeres Valley.

    Tune back in for information about her session:

    Breaking the Bubble: Traveling with Chronic Pain and Medical Complexities

  • IxChel Mooney

    IxChel is one of the co-coordinators & owners of the venue.

    Tune back in to learn more about her session!

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