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The Forest Fiesta has opened our doors for volunteers, vendors, artists, performers and donors that support the mission and vision of providing safe space for learning, community and connecting with nature. Whether you're a New Mexico resident or not we'd love to welcome you to Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds for this community-focused event to showcase your business, art, products, food, etc!

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We have different types of applications and levels of participation for the festival. Check out the sections below and find the one that fits your preference best!

  • Donors & Sponsors

    We have so much love for our donors and sponsors because they believe in our mission so much they come from all over the US to party with us in person AND contribute!

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  • Vendors & Educators

    Make money while enjoying front row seats to the performances and VIP camping! We're open to all types of products, services, and education just submit your application below!

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  • Performers & Dancers

    Mujeres Valley's stage is handcrafted using materials from the surround property with the intention of offering new spaces for artists, performers and all genres of music!

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  • Volunteers

    Interested in learning the intricate ins and outs of coordinating an event? Volunteer with us! We offer special perks just check out the application.

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